Building a Cleaning Service for Our Customers

by The Best Damn Cleaning - February 18, 2020

Why are we so vocal and so passionate about being the best cleaning service around? Well, it’s because we’ve created a system that we feel helps customers to feel more comfortable and get cleaning services on-site quicker, for more effective final results.

Here are some components of how we’ve structured our cleaning business to better serve you.

Showing Our Process

House cleaning is an inherently sensitive service. If you don’t know who’s showing up and what they’re going to do, it starts to make a lot of people nervous. 

What did I sign up for?

By showing you more about our process online, we’re hoping to make the initial visit a lot more comfortable. By getting familiar with our services before we come over, you can feel more confident that you’re on the right track – because you have a lot of choices, and there are some wrong tracks that one can go down in ordering these kinds of services. 

In showing you how we vet and choose our staff, we’re assuring you that you’re going to get the best people on-site. The scary thing is when you contract with a cleaning service online, and all you see is a kind of generic landing page with some vague text and an image of a vacuum cleaner. You just don’t know what’s going to happen, and that can be actually very nerve-racking, especially for anyone who’s naturally suspicious or has even a touch of the old social anxiety….

Making It Easy

It might sound strange, but it actually can be pretty difficult to initially set up a relationship with a cleaning company. We talked about it a little bit above, but another part of the process is figuring out the nuts and bolts, the logistics of how it’s going to work.

We’ve laid it all out on the website. There’s even a button for booking your first appointment. It doesn’t get easier than that. Our single-click process means you don’t have to sit there scrolling around the site, getting nervous and second-guessing yourself, or actually getting more confused about what you’re signing up for.

Introducing Our People

First of all, we have a multi-stage process for getting the best people on board, involving face-to-face interviews, background checks and more. Secondly, as we mentioned, we put that all online for you to see. Thirdly, when these people show up, they’re going to be friendly and personable, and not awkward and borderline hostile, in case that’s what you were afraid of … they’re going to be capable and knowledgeable, too!

Look, it’s not that hard to create a friendly home cleaning service. It’s just that some of these other companies don’t work that hard at it. They figure that what you’re getting for your money is composed of specific de-cluttering or deep cleaning tasks. Being able to provide a crew that interacts with you in a good way is just the icing on the cake…
We don’t view it that way, because we know that when you’re inviting people into your home, the people side of the business is incredibly important. Call The Best Damn Cleaning and ask about our easy cleaning plans – and get started on your path toward a great-looking property!