Should I Be Cleaning Before the Cleaning Crew Comes?

by The Best Damn Cleaning - April 13, 2020

Many people wonder if their house is dirtier than their neighbors. Should you be embarrassed when your cleaning person comes? Are you spending too much time cleaning before it is serviced? Although there is no exact answer on how much to clean before the cleaning crew comes, here are some excellent guidelines that homeowners should try and follow.


Bathrooms and kitchens are the areas of the house that get the most use and therefore need the most cleaning. If your bathroom is a complete disaster before the cleaning crew arrives, you won’t get the most for your money on a bathroom clean. If there is a massive pile of towels and a vanity covered in hair care products, you won’t get a full clean.

Try to keep bathroom counters and vanities free of any clutter. When they are cleared off, the cleaning crew can focus on detailing the sinks and disinfecting tile surfaces, also cleaning mirrors. If you have too many things in the way for them to even get to these areas, they can’t be expected to clean them properly.


Just as we talked about the bathroom counters being clean, the same goes for the kitchen counters and sink. Your sink gets dirty throughout the course of a week. Most homeowners are not cleaning their sink throughout the week and instead just cleaning the dishes in it. If you leave your sink free and clear of dishes when the cleaning crew comes, you can get the most for your money. At this point, they can disinfect the sink, polish anything that may need it, and get everything smelling great again. Dishes are annoying, but you can put them in the dishwasher before the crew comes to get the most benefit.


If you want the cleaning people to focus on things like baseboards and windows and dusting, save them a few minutes by putting your sheets in the washing machine. Or, simply make your bed if they don’t need to worry about making the bed for you. Leave directions and notes for the crew if there is a specific area that you feel needs cleaning, but don’t leave them the simple things to get done that is not cleaning money well spent!

Overall House Clutter

If your kids’ playroom looks like a small tornado hit it, have them help you clean it before the cleaners arrive. If you leave the room a disaster, the crew will not have the time or the manpower to get it cleaned up, vacuum, dust, etc. Keeping a neat house and putting everyday clutter away is the best way to give the cleaners the access they need to clean your home correctly.

The best advice we can give is if you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have a friend or family member walk into your home, then it is probably just fine for the cleaning crew to come over. If you are saying to yourself that the place is a wreck, the team is probably saying the same thing! One of the best things about a great cleaning company is their attention to detail, allow them the time to focus on those details.