What You Need to Do Differently When Cleaning a Home with Pets

by The Best Damn Cleaning - March 25, 2020

There is no question that pets are an essential part of any family; however, they also contribute to their fair share of dirt, dander, grime, odors, and other messes in your home. Like toddlers and babies, pets are especially vulnerable to residues, fragrances, and fumes created by typical cleaning solutions. 

Even though pets are adept to being able to recognize and avoid the dangers they may encounter while in the wild, they don’t have defenses that will keep them from licking or sniffing complex chemicals or other manmade substances that are found in homes. 

What this means is that if you live with fur babies, you should clean just like you would around toddlers and babies, with a few other considerations in the mix. 

Groom Your Pets Often (Outside if Possible)

In addition to tracking in dirt and grime on their claws and paws and shedding fur – everywhere – pets may also release dander. This is tiny skin and other protein-containing microparticles. These are released in the air when your pet scratches, pants, shakes, rolls, licks, or even urinates. If these microparticles are inhaled by you, your immune system may mistake the pet proteins for pathogens. This may result in an array of unpleasant allergy symptoms

What’s even worse is that pet dander has a bad habit of sticking to various surfaces. It can also travel around on any portable item. A great way to reduce these particles is by brushing your pets regularly. While brushing is a good idea, don’t over-bathe them – this will only dry out their skin, making the dander issues worse. 

Increase Your Cleaning Frequency 

If you live in a home with just humans, you can probably get away with dusting and vacuuming just one time per week. However, with pets, depending on the type and number you have, you may need to increase this frequency, especially during the shedding seasons – early spring and late fall. If you live with allergy sufferers in your home, use an allergen denaturing agent – usually a powder or spray – that will neutralize all the proteins that are found in pet dander. 

Keep in mind though, denaturing agents are often acidic, which means you must use them carefully and test for potential reactions on your bedding, curtains, carpeting, or other textiles. Even if there are no pet allergies in a home, consider the possible long-term implications for your home’s value and sale-ability when choosing how often you need to clean. 

Hire the Professionals for Help 

When it comes to cleaning your home when you have pets, you need to make sure you keep the tips here in mind. To help ensure that the desired results are achieved, it is also a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service. They will have the knowledge, ability, and tools to handle the cleaning of your home to ensure that the issues posed by your pets are reduced.